Many of the highest rated cars of 2016 haven’t been named yet because it’s not the end yet! I, however, have been keeping an eye on what’s hot and what’s not. One big thing I’ve noticed is that people aren’t really caring as much about super fancy and expensive vehicles. Instead, people are pre-ordering cars like Tesla vehicles and are ready for a better option that won’t cost them so much because, well, most people aren’t rich. Of course, there are still vehicles that people with money love, but since I don’t have that kind of money, what I think is the best differs quite a bit!

The highest rated cars of the year to me are those that have great reviews. I make sure to look up any vehicle I see that has a good look to it and that I hear is actually useful. The look doesn’t matter too much for me when considering what the best is, but it does have some bearing since I and others wouldn’t drive a hideous vehicle. Since a paint job can fix vehicles with bad colors, I tend to not pay attention to that when looking at that, either.