If you take a look at the top rated cars for the year 2016, you’ll see quite a few familiar names. The lists change from year to year as well, however, and you might be surprised at which cars rank ahead of others. For example, I was surprised to see that the Ford Focus was at the top of the rankings for one category. Remember, you have to approach this by looking at categories. You can’t compare a hatchback to a convertible. It just doesn’t work that way.
The ratings for each category of vehicle can also vary based on what is considered. Are you looking for a car within a particular price range? If not, you can certainly look at luxury models. BMW and Mercedes always have cars that seem to make many of the lists from year to year.

One result that I found interesting was the top hybrid/electric vehicle for 2016. What would you guess it to be? It’s the Chevrolet Volt, which I found kind of surprising. There is a guy that swings by our shop from time to time, a limo service Minneapolis company dude, and he says that his company is actually thinking of getting a Volt to compete with the small car Uber guys as competition. It’s cost-effective, and you can imagine the fuel costs that a limo service has.

And by the way, the Toyota Camry hybrid ranks above the Toyota Prius. You’ll have to decide what type of car you want, and make sure you pay attention to the ratings breakdown.